About us

smartconex is a brand of the PERCONEX family, which has stood for innovative legal and administrative services for over 12 years.

With over ten years of experience in the contract management sector and the digitalization of workflows, our expert Mr. Markus Funk is the perfect accompanist for creating your individual company solution.

By offering our new service: “smartconex – Smart Legal Processes”, we aim to increase the sustainability and quality of legal administrative services while realizing significant cost reductions for our customers in the area of LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing).

Andreas Mohr

Managing Director

Every client should think smart – especially when it comes to their most important documents – their contracts. smartconex advises, analyses, and works with you to implement a customized “legal work flow” for your company.

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Markus Funk

Head of Business Unit, Contract Management

A step ahead of the rest with smartconex. Get moving in the right direction with us as your company’s competent Legal Process Outsourcing partner.

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Isabel Meier-Preschany

Marketing Consultant

Maintaining the necessary overview when so many documents are involved is becoming more and more difficult at today’s fast moving pace. With smartconex, you have a reliable partner to advise and support you – and even to take all administrative work off your hands if that is best for you.

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Isabell Stoffers


We help our clients efficiently manage their legal administrative activities.

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Start your future now!

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