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Contract Management

Your advantages in an

No investment in hardware, licenses or maintenance

No internal resources needed

First entry quality check through project lawyers guaranteed

Access to all your contract information – mobile via app

Automated active reminders – monitoring dates and deadlines checked!

Transparency in your contractual relationships

Deadlines and dates covered with insurance





Flexible and independent

Decide for yourself whether to use our service as a SaaS (software as a service) solution, or as full or partial outsourcing. We are also happy to support you during in-house realisation of your smartconex contract management.


If you outsource your contract management in full, smartconex provides 100% insurance coverage for any financial loss that may result from the incorrect entry of deadlines and dates.

Other services offered by smartconex

E-Discovery and Document Review

Efficiency and speed play an important role in every company, especially in today’s world. Rapidly growing volumes of data in connection with mandatory budget requirements, an effective approach to viewing and assessing documents is becoming increasingly more important.

With the Management Document Review Service and the use of market-leading review software, we will help you saving time and money during your document review.

Companies and law firms use e-discovery in various legal situation, such as:

  • in connection with judicial processes and arbitration procedures
  • during internal audits following a dawn raid by the German Federal Cartel Office or the European Commission
  • during productive compliance audits
  • during a pre- or post-merger-due-diligence
  • during export control and sanction violation

From data collection and data processing to the physical first level review and staffing review teams, we manage the entire project for you, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution. And it goes without saying, all your data stays in Germany.

Legal Process Design?

Every company has numerous legal processes and activities that recur each year. This may include internal initial processing of compensation claims, approval of annual financial statements, and many others. While all of these tasks have a legal aspect, they are in fact very simple legal processes and activities.

Our smartconex experts, along with experienced in-house lawyers, will analyze the actual status of these types of workflows in your company and, together with you, identify potential for optimization. The goal is to transform all your legal processes into a web-based and fully customized target work flow.

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